For once… Just once,

through the disturbing, stressing night,

As I wake up in blur, in haze

I’m shaking dizzy…

In tears caused by lucid dreaming,

in panic, panting,

hushed shouts inside,

Just wish to find you by my side…

near the bed, touching my hand,

watching me sleep, eye in the eye,

I’d beam and sob,

delighted, happy,

seeing your grin,

It’s just enough… for me to live,

I fear to lose this precious moment,

I need to know, to get the words

Tell me you’re here, tell me you’re real!

that I ain’t sleeping…

‘Hey, it’s ok’

your gentle whisper to my ear,

‘and I am really staying here’

Me smiling back,

it’s so sincere,

straight from the heart,

strange dedication.

Your touch… I feel it on my skin.

your scrolling fingers through

my curly fluffy hair


don’t let these feelings fade away.