Knock on the door,

In silence, standing,

Her sparkling eyes, passionately waiting…

For him to open what was locked,

In front of little childish girl,

The most sincere angel smile.

Such dedication, her devotion,

Showing in huge black irises of happy eyes.

Short wavy dress, light scruffy hair,

Cute purple bow she always wore…

Hearing his footsteps coming near,

Feeling excited, overwhelmed

Ready to hug, happily scream,

Wrap tightly arms around his neck.

To meet him face-to-face,

For real…

Shivers down spine, nerves on alert

While watching him open the metal door.

She dropped her beg aside, somewhere,

Ready to throw herself in hands,

Of person, whom her heart belonged…

The Darkness. Shadows. Nothing left.

‘What has just happened? Not again…’

And slumping down on the floor,

Eyes shut, hands down.

That hit left bruises on knees,

‘No! Please, no…’,

harsh voice, her hiss.

She kept on screaming through the lungs,

Feeling frustrated, burst in tears,

Awake in bedroom the next minute…

As usual, empty, left alone,

Just like all other nights she’d seen,

Asking herself


Why can’t I meet you?

Even in my dream…’