Sometimes we make terrible yet simple mistakes, almost by accident or because of being careless, reckless, inattentive or even lacking decisiveness… It hurts later, not being able to forgive yourself, although it’s obvious that self-blame and self-torturing accomplish nothing. Nothing in particular at all! In fact, it’s only stopping us from future progress, moving on and coming back to life.

We are aware of those things but…we can’t help ourselves, right? There is no motivation or energy for the ‘real recovery’ as we know we have lost something and may never have it back. The fear, the regret is the worst things haunting you…

Sometimes, we realize the need to let it all go, even people. And I hate to say just as we dislike hearing it from others, not wanting to admit it. ‘It’s our fault but no one has ever been able to reverse the time. What’s ruined is ruined and maybe it’ll be better to leave the ones we love, just let them go for their and your own sake.

You will be left with a black hole in your heart, maybe causing more nervousness and stress, even desire to hurt yourself… Whatever happens, there is one thing that will always be left: the reason to live. The world is so huge, we could never observe it as it is and discover everything, even through generations! Supposing someone loses meaning or life purpose, they are just ‘blind’. In worst case scenario, life’s meaning can be viewed as ‘for the sake of enjoyment, doing things you love until you are still able to…’