Maybe losing something, someone is not that scary in fact. We never know what has been loss and what has been already lost before. You don’t really know what loss is because maybe it just an illusion you have to rethought in your head. Sometimes things seem to be to blurred and messed up that it only seems to be so damn bad when I fact , it’s almost nothing.

But I wouldn’t disregard anyone’s thoughts or problems. It’s far too personal to judge even though some people look pretty stupid at times. Judgement is what gets in the way of any friendship, any kind of relations between people in general. We are used to it and it comes almost automatically but that’s not the way to go.

I keep noticing that people don’t respect each other and I’ll admit it implies to me too but at least I do realize it’s wrong. It’s really hard to escape it. And losing respect, trust is even worse. I don’t feel like we can gain it back, to be honest, because even if we do, there is always gonna be something holding us back. Fear… Of losing it again.

A person who has been truth-worthy , once having done something to lose trust, will doubtfully become that close person again.

You’ll never be the same despite anything.

Like a gap between two identities I find hard time to live with… That feels like loss, as we are losing some part of person, and we are afraid, insecure that this may happen again and again. Like a cycle full of frustration and pain…

P.S Stay strong, it’s not over.  You ain’t done yet…