Perfection… Seems like the aim of life sometimes, the main goal. Not foolish, although some may think of it this way at times. But we all yearn for it, ain’t we? It’s not just a random habit of perfectionists!

It’s true because each and every one of us tries, if not always, but at least for once, to improve themselves, find the right way towards a better, ‘perfect’ life. And besides, isn’t that what people were trying to achieve through centuries? I mean we know that term ” Utopia” that they could never truly put in reality but still constantly imagining it… Right?

Some may think it’s crazy to live by rules and principles created by oneself but isn’t it what we’ve been doing throughout the life, living by certain rules and laws? There is definitely something definite about the “right” way of living and thinking and what else? Just a way to control little things, in my opinion.

Even though it’s damn hard, I feel like a person, any person, can achieve so much in life by simply having developed mind control, discipline and hard work, of course. It’s sad that many people, even the closest ones aren’t as supportive or understanding as I wish they’d be but maybe it’s ok just the way it is…

They have the right to their opinion, even if they don’t respect yours or simply disregard it somehow. All I’ve managed to understand is that sometimes we have to tolerate things the way they are, accept what we got and move on, without trying to change people. It’s useless and others don’t like it.

The truth is there is no pill, no cure that would get a dream life, no push you or make life simpler. Only by conquering yourself, the most powerful enemy you can have, it’s possible to achieve and find ‘perfection’ within our inner world and achiave balance in life.