How taking a close look at what our life really is? You ain’t as conscious as you think you are. Actually, most of us are sleeping through days, skipping stuff, skipping people and being lost in surroundings…

We occasionally forget what and who we are, becoming those ‘mechanical machines, like robots’, doing everything in a routine-like way.

Now… Imagine canvas, a blank piece of paper and a whole variety  of paint and artistic brushes near you. We are not all draftsmen of course, but each one can create and imagine, even if you don’t believe it yet. And I’m 100% confident we are all capable of ‘painting our life picture’, with a help of right and, sometimes, with distraction and interference of wrong people… Just like when we used to be kids, having been offered watercolors and pencils to draw, from inagination and real world around us. The advantage a children have though, is that they don’t think as much as adults do. They let their fantasies ‘flow’ on the paper, adding the colors they like, mixing them and trying out different strokes, brushes…and not fearing to spoil it.

That’s all metaphorical of course but as grown-up person, we tend to lose this flow, fearing and worrying about things we have no idea, no clue about, being afraid to even try and experiment just because all we got is one shot at life…

Nobody said this structure is perfect, right? And those who don’t risk, stay at a standstill, which is much worse, indeed…


Having put grey colors on your canvas, don’t forget to ‘let to add water, let it dry and then… paint over it again. 

Being an artist myself, I can tell you that there’s always a way to correct and improve any ‘artwork’, your ‘Life Artwork’ in particular.