Her laugh and cuteness Overwhelmed him

They got attached, breaking main rules

What had been awkward became loose

‘Forgive me please, she signed at last

I didn’t mean to…’ She sadly said

Not realizing it’s a trap

They’re cool, they’re close

Restrain oneself, don’t cross the border

They’ve created.

She suddenly became addicted…
‘I think I love you as a friend,

Her first admitting all she felt,

‘Stop crying, girl, 

It’s not the end,

I love you too, my little friend’,
Those words were marked,

Forever left,

In memory… 

Give them just moment, he’d forget…

Whichever promises he’d made

She still in love but they are distant,

No more attachment. Empty tears.

“You weren’t real from the start,

But I’ve felt it all this time, 

Recently buried in heart, the promise, trust, devotion, love… 

I’ll let you go, quietly leave

It is my fault, I’ll bear with it…”