The power overwhelming you
Have you been drunk? On drugs? Totally wasted?

And now roaming recklessly around me…
Just let me go, stop chasing endless…

Love… No, I’ve betrayed you after…

Waiting, too long… For you to need me

Do not pretend, I sense the fakery.
Stop crippling over skin, my pale purple body

Grabbing with nails, long thin fingers

Filthy, beautiful… Gimme the damn e-cigarette!

I’m not a smoker, ain’t insane

Just being stupid, playing games

With you… I’m trapped, I’m risking!
And while drowning in this blur,

With neither energy nor life support,

Last spark went out, I don’t see you

Anymore… And I don’t need to…

The world you showed appeared dizzy

I’ve barely managed to exist

I lost myself and I’ve failed you

Knowing it’s toxic, did not stop it

Just one more sip of energy…