The closest friends… Will never happen.

Again… Maybe it’s gone forever 

She’s started life, the one of Angel

With clarity and new directions

It’s time to let the present rule

And leave the darkness of the past to fade…
Afraid to make mistakes, to stumble

She’s standing on the edge of Dagger

Trying to keep balance between worlds

The one Inhabited by ghastly monsters

And on the other end – The Lost.
Feet are in blood, while she’s still walking…

Towards the future, fixing lights

Along this murky, gloomy boulevard.

To build that steady, structured city

Get rid of dust and dirt on streets

And take a walk, with head up high

Feel that at least for once it’s Right.
A bit of pride, knowing she’s fixed it

With smile and peace in heart

Ready to go through all the pain, 

To finally move on, 

Taking another step along the endless… Dagger, which represents our lives, 

Our fight and struggles,

The game, defining who’ll remain, 

And who will fall hard in the void, 

Who’s failed, having lost the Balance…