Sometimes I feel

Something within me

Bleeding inside

Wishing to die

The hollowness, the thirst, the hunger

That’s made me shiver to the point of faint

Cutting my skin, scratches remaining… Deeper and deeper, take that dagger

Stop me from breathing

Do not regret, enjoy, just killing…
Don’t hesitate, let go off hand

The one that’s trembling, almost dumb

Accept the coldness, starve till blood,

Will take you over, getting stronger

Damaging, ruining soul, decaying

Your miserable horror life

It’s an illusion… Opened door

Towards the consciousness, mind power,

Imagine things, imagined life…

Shutting the eyes, locking nightmares

The world is tough yet isn’t ruined

Not yet, not utterly at least…

For now, stay, I’ll die for you!

You’re better off without me…

Keep smiling. Don’t you dare worrying,

I’ll leave in hidden tears, never returning…